Concrete Parking Deck Restoration

City of Birmingham

Concrete Parking Deck Restoration for City of Birmingham

The City of Birmingham contracted SunCoast for restoration of two parking decks.


The City of Birmingham, AL faced a significant challenge with the restoration of two parking decks. These decks required various repairs, including concrete restoration, roof fixes over elevator equipment rooms and emergency stairs, steel stair repairs, expansion joint replacements, barrier cable installations, waterproof deck coatings, and restriping. Despite the complexities, Suncoast successfully completed the project within the specified timeframe and budget, ensuring safer and more durable parking facilities for the city.


Suncoast tackled the restoration of two parking decks with precision and ingenuity. Remarkably, they accomplished all the necessary work without closing the decks. By conducting some repairs after hours and strategically rerouting traffic and parking, Suncoast ensured minimal disruption to daily operations.

The winter season posed additional challenges. Suncoast meticulously adhered to product application requirements, considering temperature constraints and safeguarding stored materials during freezing weather. Their attention to detail paid off, resulting in a successful project completion—on time and within budget.


Despite the intricate nature of the restoration project, Suncoast successfully revitalized the two parking decks for the City of Birmingham. The meticulous approach employed, ensured that all repairs performed minimized any disruption to the use of the parking decks. Because of Suncoast’s process, the city was able to reopen both parking facilities to full service on time. The city now enjoys safer and more durable parking garages.

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