Concrete Restoration

Concrete Water Damage

Water is enemy number one to concrete.

If any deteriorating or damaged concrete is observed, it is imperative that the condition be assessed and addressed immediately. Leaving deteriorating or damaged concrete exposed to water will likely cause further damage that can compromise the structural integrity of the structure.

At Suncoast, we maintain strong and ethical relationships with third party engineers and consultants who can provide you with an expert evaluation of your structure. Once a scope of work is defined by a Professional Engineer (P.E.), your dedicated Suncoast project manager will start planning to complete your project while minimizing occupant impact so you can rest easy with the peace of mind that your structure will be restored to perform for years to come.

SunCoast Capabilities


When the integrity of a structure is compromised, emergency bracing and support is utilized to prevent further damage or collapse.

Concrete Resurfacing

Long term exposure to water can erode concrete. Resurfacing restores the protective top layer preventing damage to reinforcement components deeper within the concrete.

Shallow Repairs

Concrete repairs less than 1” but deeper than 1/16” are considered shallow repairs.

Epoxy Injections

When constant water pressure finds a path through a void, usually in subterranean occupied structures, foam resins in the form of epoxy injections can temporarily halt water intrusion while a more permanent waterproofing solution is formulated.

Structural Reinforcing

Compromised or overloaded structures require reinforcing or strengthening to maintain safe occupancy and use. Whether steel or fiber reinforcement, strength and load capacity is either restored or enhanced.

Deep Concrete Repairs

Concrete repairs greater than 1” up to full depth are considered deep repairs.

FRP Wrap Installation

Fiber reinforced polymer wraps are a means to strengthening existing concrete to improve or restore load capacity and strength.

Alternative Methods

FRP Biscuits for Parking Deck Repair, Two-Part Expanding Foam for Slab Leveling

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“As the structural engineer representing the University of Georgia for their parking deck restoration, it was my pleasure to work with SunCoast. The quality of their work exceeded expectations and I have great confidence in their expertise and technical abilities. They performed well under access and schedule constraints, completing the majority of work while the parking decks were occupied.”

Marion Parker

Chief Engineer, Timothy Haahs and Associates

“SunCoast and its representatives were very accommodating and easy to work with. All situations that came up during the work were handled quickly and to our satisfaction. They completed all of the work within the contract time and within the budget amount. I would gladly recommend them for future work for the City of Birmingham.”

Richard T. Upton

Project Manager, Department of Planning, Engineering & Permits, City of Birmingham

“Toland Mizell Architects found SunCoast to be thoroughly professional in all phases of the project. Shop drawings were sent to the architect in a timely manner. They worked with the architect and owner to schedule work in sensitive areas and to optimize work that was available for site visits. The project was completed ahead of schedule and the workers were thoroughly trained for the work they performed on the project.”

Alan Toland

Principal, Toland Mizell Architects