Ed Ball Parking Deck Restoration

Jacksonville, FL

Ed Ball Parking Deck Restoration
Ed Ball Parking Deck Restoration

The Ed Ball parking deck, a municipal structure in Jacksonville, FL, underwent a significant rehabilitation to address various structural and aesthetic issues.

The project demanded meticulous planning and execution to ensure minimal disruption to the city’s daily operations.

  • Extensive concrete deterioration
  • Worn-out traffic coatings
  • Ineffective drainage systems
  • Faded and unclear striping

To tackle these challenges, the project was scheduled outside of peak parking hours. The team utilized BASF Sonoguard for deck coating in sections that could afford temporary closure. For critical entry and exit lanes requiring constant access, BASF Conipur was chosen for its rapid curing properties, allowing work completion over weekends. The strategic approach ensured that restriping was synchronized with the coating’s curing period, facilitating uninterrupted deck availability.

Project Impact
  • Enhanced structural integrity
  • Improved safety and navigation through clear striping
  • Upgraded drainage system preventing water accumulation
  • Extended lifespan of the parking facility

The project was valued at $1.3 million, reflecting the extensive nature of the restoration and the high-quality materials used.

Expertise Employed
  • Concrete repair and resurfacing
  • Expansion joint replacement
  • Precision restriping
  • Application of waterproof deck coatings
Project Significance

This case exemplifies the city’s commitment to maintaining its infrastructure and providing safe, reliable public amenities. The Ed Ball parking deck now stands as a testament to the successful application of specialized restoration techniques in urban settings.

  • Parking Deck Restoration
  • Structural Restoration
  • Waterproofing Solutions

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