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Envelope Restoration

Whether the building needs a facelift or water has been discovered where it should not be, it’s difficult to know where to start, who to trust, and how much it is going to cost.

So many variables are at play when water is entering through a window or the opaque wall and discovering the source is critical to successfully mitigating additional damage.

Starting with Suncoast, you can immediately have peace of mind knowing you are partnering with experts with over 120 cumulative years of experience in the building envelope investigation, remediation, and restoration industry. We also maintain ethical relationships with the best third-party building envelope consultants providing you with an independent evaluation, and scope of work ensuring the project is done right.

SunCoast Capabilities

Leak Investigation & Repair

Water intrusion that is not stopped is devastating for any occupied structure. Locating the source of the leak on commercial buildings can be challenging and employing the right techniques is critical to locating the source. Once the source of the leak is identified, a repair protocol should be written and followed to ensure long term performance of the repair.

Window Sealant Replacement (Reglazing)

Storefront windows are those with aluminum frames and large glass panels often seen at office entrances or retail storefronts (hence the name). The glass panes are set into the aluminum frames with structural sealant that both holds the glass and keeps the system watertight. This sealant shrinks over time and requires replacement to ensure it remains watertight for years to come.

Cladding Removal & Replaceent (Recladding)

When the opaque skin of a building has either reached the end of its life or a facelift to the building is desired, recladding an existing structure can bring tremendous value to the building, both in curb appeal and asset value. Many options for recladding include brick, stucco, metal panels, and rainscreen systems.

Flashing Repair & Replacement

Flashing on the water control layer of the building envelope is meant to keep water moving out and away from the building envelope. Over time, these components can deteriorate and fail which requires repair or removal and replacement. Following the lapping process, restoration of flashing components can enhance the durability of the structure.

Stucco Repair & Waterproofing

Stucco made from portland cement is porous and can absorb water if left unmaintained or improperly coated and sealed. Sometimes water causes damage which should be cut out and repaired. Simply painting stucco is not enough to prevent long term water management. Proper maintenance should include regular inspections of the control joints and a plan to recoat the stucco with a waterproof coating as opposed to an elastomeric paint.

Expansion Joint Replacement

Expansion Joints should be continuous throughout the building envelope. These joints should be inspected at least 5 years after installation and annually thereafter to ensure water tightness and concrete integrity. These joints should be replaced if water intrusion is evidenced or the substrate is showing signs of wear or damage. Sometimes the use and abuse of the area the joint was installed changes over time and may require upgrading to a more durable solution.

Storefront Window Replacement

If the storefront window system is outdated or underperforming, replacement of the entire storefront system can enhance the longevity and durability of the building envelope. With a wide variety of manufacturers and product options, selecting the right system can be critical to the success or failure of the building envelope. The system should then be fabricated and installed by an experienced team to ensure the best possible performance.

Flanged Window Replacement

Multifamily properties and commercial buildings with flanged windows will sometimes require replacement due to poor performance, degradation, or a desired upgrade. Upgrading these windows to storefront systems can enhance the beauty and performance of the asset while replacing them with a new flanged window may be more cost effective.

Brick Repair, Repointing & Replacement

As a cementitious material, a brick facade is held together with mortar which is also cementitious, albeit more porous and prone to accelerated deterioration. Mortar that is damaged can be restored through a repointing process while damaged brick can be repaired with sealant for small cracks or removal and replacement for larger damaged areas.

Facade Waterproofing & Coating

Single line barrier wall systems like stucco require durable waterproof coatings to keep moisture out of the building envelope while double wall construction systems like cavity brick and rainscreen systems depend on a water control layer such as an air and water barrier behind the facade cladding system. Understanding the impacts of hygrothermal movement, dewpoint, vapor transmission, and air pressure can impact how a water control layer performs as a part of the larger building envelope system. Keeping water out of a structure is science and an art which requires a contractor with the experience and knowledge to execute a solution that will perform.

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