Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I have my structure inspected?

It is a good idea to have someone from your group inspect the condition of the joint sealants, expansion joints, traffic coatings, window sealants, brick grout condition, concrete condition, roof condition, etc. at least once annually. We would be happy to walk your structure with you to help you develop a checklist of items to inspect and what to look out for. As Benjamin Franklin once quipped, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Do you work on residential properties?

Suncoast does not work on single-family residential properties but does provide services to multi-family property management groups.

How much should I budget for my project?

In short, we won’t know until we review what needs to be performed. Our estimate is free.

Will I need an engineer? If so, how much will it cost?

Possibly. For structural repairs, it is always a good idea to consult with an engineer. We have several we can recommend and they will be able to provide you with an estimate for their services.

Will your service stop my leak?

While guaranteeing that the leak will stop is not possible, our services carry a warranty that guarantees the leak will not come from the area we serviced. It is possible that water can travel great distances from areas beyond our serviced area that could be the source of the leak.

What is the warranty for your work?

Manufacturers will provide a warranty for their materials which will vary. Suncoast provides a one year warranty on most projects.

My parking garage is bouncing as cars and vehicles drive over it. Is that dangerous?

Without directly observing the condition and without an engineer’s evaluation, it would be irresponsible to answer that question. However, what is likely happening is the Double Tee concrete spans have broken connections which likely require reattachment. Give us a call and we can help you with the next steps.

How long should a deck coating or traffic coating last?

A traffic coating should last around 10 years if it is installed properly and the substrate properly prepared. With high levels of traffic, it could be less and with low levels of traffic it could be more. Most manufacturers will provide a one year warranty.

There are foam rods hanging down from the joints between the concrete beams in my parking deck. Is that bad?

The foam rods are bond breakers to prevent the sealant between the Double Tee spans from traveling beyond the placement of the foam backer rod. While the presence of hanging bond breaker rods is not a problem, it would be a good time to have Suncoast come and inspect the condition of the sealant between the Double Tee joints.

I can see rusted steel through the concrete on my structure. Is that dangerous?

If reinforcing steel is visible on structural components (above grade concrete), it is recommended to have your structure assessed by a professional or structural engineer to evaluate the condition as well as develop a procedure for repair. We have strong and ethical relationships with several engineers who can help you with this step. Then Suncoast can provide you with a repair estimate to restore your asset.

Can my asset remain operational during the repairs?

Suncoast has lots of experience in developing and executing phasing plans which can keep your asset at least partially operational during the restoration process. There are certain instances where temporary or complete closure is unavoidable, but Suncoast will do everything possible to prevent closure if maintaining access and operation is required. Suncoast will work with you to communicate with occupants and visitors in the event closure is required.

Do you have a general contractor’s license?

Suncoast is a licensed general contractor in GA, FL, AL, and SC.

Do you use sub-contractors or self-perform your work?

Suncoast is able to perform the majority of the work with over 100 employees on payroll. Certain specialty sub-contractors are employed on projects where Suncoast may not have the personnel or equipment to perform the work. An example would be a PT tendon replacement would require a specialty contractor who has the expertise and equipment to perform the repairs required.

My warehouse slab is sinking and my forklifts are being damaged. Can you fix this without significant impact to my operations?

Suncoast is able to perform slab leveling services utilizing high compression 2-part polyurethane foam which can minimize the downtime in the area where the service is being performed.

I have an emergency structural problem. Where do I start?

Suncoast is able to provide 24/7 emergency support for structural shoring. We can help stabilize the structure to prevent any further incident from occurring. Call us at 800.650.0048