Link Apartments Canvas Parking Deck

Atlanta, GA


When a box truck drove into a parking deck where the truck’s height exceeded the limit, disaster struck as the truck struck a post-tensioned concrete beam, severing the post tensioned tendons which were under 33,000 pounds per square inch providing a tensile strength of around 270,000 psi. Simply rebuilding the beam with standard reinforcement using steel rods would not provide enough strength while reinstalling new PT tendons was also not possible due to constraints on the project.


Suncoast was contracted by Grubb Properties to restore the parking deck. Following the detailed engineering plans by Walker Consultants, the Suncoast team started by providing shoring to support the load of the remaining concrete and began demolishing the damaged portion to a uniform squared edge. The team then constructed the rebar reinforcement cage while cutting in additional reinforcement on the deck above. The additional strength was provided by a DYWIDAG tie-rod system providing pre-tensioning to the beam prior to forming and pouring concrete.


Once complete, the newly reconstructed reinforced concrete beam was able to support the dead and live loads it was originally designed to support which allowed the residents to safely and fully utilize the parking deck. The repair was completed on time and on budget without any reported issues to date.

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