Water takes the next path of least resistance and is constantly attempting to find a way into any structure left unprotected.

Keeping water out of a structure is integral to its long-term performance and sustainability. When water finds a way into a structure, costly or even compromising damage is sure to follow in time.

“Doing it right” is one of Suncoast’s core values and when selecting a contractor to waterproof your structure, you want it done right the first time. Suncoast is very selective in the materials used to waterproof your structure and carefully follows manufacturer’s application, storage, and sequencing instructions. If you want to know if the contractor you are hiring to waterproof your structure is qualified, ask them for the data sheet on the material they are proposing and ask specific questions pertaining to the instructions.

SunCoast Capabilities

Liquid Applied Waterproofing

Liquid Applied Waterproofing systems are monolithic, fully-bonded, fluid-based coatings that have the capability of being fully or locally reinforced in transitional areas such as park decks and balconies.

Traffic Coatings

Traffic Coatings are applied to multi-story parking garages, parking decks and ramps, foot bridges and walkways, mechanical rooms, stadiums and arenas, plaza and rooftop decks, and balconies and provide protection from moisture intrusion and chemical deterioration of concrete.

Expansion Joint Replacement

Expansion Joints should be inspected at least 5 years after installation and annually thereafter to ensure water tightness and concrete integrity. These joints should be replaced if water intrusion is evidenced or the concrete and/or mortar is showing signs of wear or damage. Sometimes the use and abuse of the area the joint was installed changes over time and may require upgrading to a more durable solution.

Control Joint Replacement

Sealants designed to withstand water intrusion should be inspected annually to ensure water tightness. Most sealants are designed to move and break down over time. Sometimes poor substrate preparation or a weak substrate surface can cause sealant failure to occur. These sealants should be removed, the substrate properly prepared or replaced, and then reapplied. Adhesion testing during application is a good practice to ensure proper bonding.

Parking Deck Waterproofing

Extending the life of any parking structure starts with excellent water management. The top deck of a parking structure will benefit from a traffic coating, joint sealing, and watertight expansion joints. The lower decks should also have joint sealing and watertight expansion joints, but can also benefit from a penetrating sealer which will help prevent much of the moisture from entering the porous concrete.

Stucco Repair & Waterproofing

Stucco made from portland cement is porous and can absorb water if left unmaintained or improperly coated and sealed. Sometimes water causes damage which should be cut out and repaired. Simply painting stucco is not enough to prevent long term water management. Proper maintenance should include regular inspections of the control joints and a plan to recoat the stucco with a waterproof coating as opposed to an elastomeric paint.

Reglazing Windows

Storefront glazing systems utilize structural sealants to both hold the glass in place and keep the system watertight. Over time these sealants shrink and require replacement. Sometimes the storefront system is either outdated or underperforming and replacement of the entire storefront unit is desired.

Bridge Joint Replacement

Bridges, like most concrete structures, are constructed with joints of varying widths and should be protected from both water and chemicals to ensure durabile performance. A regular maintenance schedule of replacement of both control joints and expansion joints helps to ensure the durability and longevity of the infrastructure.

Liquid Applied Roofing

Liquid Applied technology eliminates the weaknesses inherent in traditional roofing and waterproofing while enhancing the performance of the building envelope. Liquid Applied systems can be used to provide build-up insulated roofing, direct-to-substrate roofing, protected membrane roofing, plaza deck waterproofing, balcony and terrace waterproofing, vegetated roofing, and can be used to repair existing flashings and restore decorative elements and the water tightness of metal roofing. Utilizing Liquid Applied to seal around roof mounted skylights is a cost effective alternative to replacing skylights.

Other Coatings & Sealant Replacement

If protecting concrete is critical to the continuous operation of a facility, specialty coatings and/or thermoplastics can provide long-term protection against the caustic and corrosive degradation of concrete. Applications include industrial floor coatings, waste water tank linings, mining facility coatings and linings, and manufacturing facility coatings and linings.

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